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  • Nashville Post Press Hit for IQuity

Local Startup Develops AI Platform for Predicting COVID-19 Trends

One-year-old technology startup Decode Health has developed a predictive artificial intelligence platform that identifies emerging trends in the COVID-19 outbreak, providing governments and other organizations early insights to where resources need to be allocated to provide targeted outreach among high-risk populations.

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Illuminating an Invisible Epidemic: A Systematic Review of the Clinical and Economic Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Treatment in Inflammatory Disease and Related Syndromes

A long sought-after goal across a wide range of healthcare specialties is to devise strategies that enhance patient care and simultaneously reduce expenses. Inflammatory diseases and chronic syndromes currently impose an immense social and economic burden on society in terms of both direct and indirect healthcare costs. While published annual [read more...]


MS & AI with Dr. Chase Spurlock, CEO of IQuity

Artificial intelligence is changing healthcare. And that might include how MS will be diagnosed, treated, and managed. It's even beginning to impact the way some MS research is being conducted. Chase Spurlock, PhD, founder and CEO of IQuity talks about how IQuity is using its expertise in machine learning to [read more...]

Using Data Analytics to Predict, Detect and Monitor Chronic Autoimmune Diseases

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, autoimmune diseases are among the most prevalent diseases in the U.S., affecting approximately 50 million Americans — or 20 percent of the population. Among the 80–100 different types of autoimmune diseases that have been identified by researchers, annual direct health care costs add up to around $100 [read more...]


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