Meet the minds
behind Decode Health

Decode Health is a data analytics company that delivers accurate, predictive insights to fuel proactive management of disease risk and health outcomes. Combining clinical data with social determinants of health, Decode Health’s predictive framework answers who, where and why for chronic and acute conditions, including COVID-19. We increase health equity by giving healthcare companies access to technology to decode unrecognized patterns of disease risk and tackle complex health care problems resulting in better outcomes at lower costs.

Early. Accurate. Actionable.

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  • Chase Spurlock, PhD

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Julia Polk

    Co-Founder and Executive Advisor
  • Magi Curtis

  • Jamieson Gray

    Chief of Staff
  • Elena Grigorenko, PhD

    Molecular Diagnostics
  • Eric Thrailkill

    Healthcare & Analytics Strategy
  • Lukasz Wylezinski, PhD

    Data Analytics

Strategic advisory board

  • Alan Spiro, MD, MBA

    Advisory Board Chair
    Alan Spiro Healthcare Solutions

    Chief Medical Officer, Laguna Health 

  • Lauren Bell

    Managing Director
  • Franklin R. Cockerill, III

    Founding Partner

    Trusted Health Advisors

  • Don Hardison

    Former Executive
    Biotheranostics, LabCorp, Exact Sciences
  • Anika Heavener

    Vice President, Data Strategy and Operations
    Homethrive, Inc.
  • Cynthia Kilroy

    Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer
  • Jeff Pate

    Principal & Chief Development Officer
    PYA, PC
  • Jean Rush

    Former Executive
    Centene, Cigna, Highmark
  • John Singer

    Executive Director
    Blue Spoon Consulting: Life Sciences

Advisors and consultants

  • David Coppeans

    Vigilant Health
  • Michele Hart-Henry

    JPL Health

Trusted partners and vendors