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Decode Health offers a proven data analytics solution to predict, monitor, and reduce risk for individuals and communities.

Predicting incidence, informing care plans, and improving outcomes delivers better health for individuals, populations, and communities large and small.

We leverage multiple data sources from public health information to healthcare claims databases, and proprietary social determinants of health data to enable early, accurate and ongoing predictions of healthcare risk.

Decode Health combines the investigative minds of immunologists with the analytical speed and efficiency of a supercomputer to deliver powerful predictive analytics. Our machine learning solution produces insights for care managers, public health officials, and policymakers.

Our chronic care management platform finds patients trending toward a diagnosis, those who may be about to experience a costly adverse event, and those who are potentially misdiagnosed that may be receiving expensive and incorrect care. 

Decode Health’s patent-pending technology is now helping in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Our ability to identify and predict evolving risk patterns enables targeted education, intervention, and testing.

These insights support proactive decision-making tied to economic recovery and ongoing risk mitigation, including additional “waves” of increased COVID-19 infections.

Put the power of Decode Health’s AI solution to work for your organization to reduce risk, inform care, and improve outcomes.

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The value of early detection.

Whether you are a health plan, care management company or a technology partner to payers, the populations you manage have undetected, uncontrolled, or misdiagnosed chronic disease. Patients with poorly managed chronic diseases experience far greater complications resulting from COVID-19.

Early recognition and aggressive monitoring of both chronic disease and COVID-19 risk enables proactive care management of patients and better long term outcomes.


TN COVID-19 county case growth prediction


Advanced disease diagnosis prediction


MS + Crohn’s spend across 1,600 patients

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Decode Health’s predictive analytics can save millions – even in the first year.

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