Emerging Healthcare Winner - Decode Health - Chase Spurlock and Julia Polk

Decode Health Recognized as the 2022 Emerging Healthcare NEXT Awards Winner

Decode Health was recently honored for its commitment to advancing precision medicine and extraordinary promise for future endeavors with a 2022 Nashville Entrepreneur Center NEXT Award for healthcare innovation.

Healthcare AI Company Honored for its Commitment to Advancing Precision Medicine and Extraordinary Promise for Future Endeavors

NASHVILLE, TN – [November 8, 2022] Decode Health, a healthcare AI company that unlocks diagnostic and therapeutic discoveries with the power of data, was recently honored with a 2022 Nashville Entrepreneur Center NEXT Award for healthcare innovation.

Emerging Healthcare Winner - Decode Health - Chase Spurlock and Julia PolkThe NEXT Awards, which took place on October 24 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, seek to honor Middle Tennessee businesses that embody an “unbridled spirit of entrepreneurship”.

For the last decade, the team at Decode has leveraged the power of machine learning tools to further the field of precision medicine and reshape the future of predictive healthcare. Decode’s unique methodology leverages advanced AI technology to glean actionable insights from healthcare data ranging from genomics to clinical and social determinants of health information to detect and predict disease risk early and accurately.

For Decode, collaboration is key. Decode partners with an ecosystem of industry-leading diagnostic companies, pharma, and technology companies to quickly produce accurate, actionable insights that advance precision medicine. Decode recently announced an expanded collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leader in diagnostic information services. This collaboration will accelerate new diagnostics and drug targets for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and metabolic disorders, with plans to expand to additional disease areas.

Decode’s proprietary Define, Develop, Reveal, Repeat (DDRR) method is the lynchpin between their data-driven research and innovative entrepreneurial model. When applied to complex medical problems, this scalable, repeatable process leads to time and cost-effective discoveries that create significant enterprise value for Decode’s ecosystem partners. Current projects range from genomic data creation to RNA diagnostics and population health analytics to improve patient outcomes and promote health equity.

“We are honored to be recognized as the NEXT Awards Emerging Healthcare winner,” says Chase Spurlock, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Decode Health. “The Decode team has a long-standing belief in the power of machine learning to positively impact patient lives. We are honored to work alongside great customers, partners, investors and advisors in the Nashville entrepreneurial community and beyond to advance precision medicine. Nashville is the Silicon Valley for Healthcare – it is truly one of the best places to start and grow a business.”

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center was founded in 2010 to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and connect founders across industries with critical resources to achieve their business goals. The Decode team has regularly engaged at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center to mentor other companies or collaborate to expand Decode’s partner ecosystem.

“We’re grateful to the Nashville Entrepreneur Center for the recognition and for the chance to be considered with so many great finalists,” says Julia Polk, Co-Founder and Executive Advisor of Decode Health. “The Entrepreneur Center helps nurture collaboration, which makes individuals and businesses stronger. It requires radical collaboration to achieve the goal of precision medicine. We’re excited to continue building upon Decode’s work fostering an ecosystem that improves healthcare.”

About Decode Health

Decode Health is a healthcare AI company that powers an ecosystem of industry-leading diagnostic, pharmaceutical and technology companies to unlock discoveries with data. Current projects include genomic data creation, RNA diagnostics, and population health analytics. Over the course of a decade, the team leading Decode has built a framework leveraging a variety of advanced machine learning approaches. The company’s flexible, scalable approach layers clinical data with SDoH and non-clinical data to fuel innovation and advance precision medicine. Decode’s data assets, products, and services improve patient outcomes, lower costs, and promote health equity. For more information, visit www.DecodeHealth.ai.

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November 8, 2022

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