data robotDecode Health was recently recognized with an AI Innovator Award at the DataRobot AIX 22 global virtual conference. DataRobot is a Boston-based AI cloud platform company that works with customers worldwide across industries and verticals, including almost 40% of Fortune 50 companies.

“We are honored to receive DataRobot’s AI Innovator Award,” says Chase Spurlock, PhD, Decode Health’s CEO. “Decode’s mission is to solve complex healthcare problems, and our partnership with DataRobot helps us advance this goal. Our work together fuels healthcare innovation that will advance precision medicine and health equity.”

According to DataRobot, the inaugural AI Innovator Award recipients were selected for “exceptional pioneering efforts applying AI in the transformation of their business and industry.” Read more about the AI Innovator Awards here.

Decode Health has partnered with DataRobot since 2018. 

About Decode Health

Decode Health, a healthcare AI company, unlocks discovery with data. We’re the outsourced innovation team accelerating precision medicine for diagnostic, pharma and AI-driven personalized healthcare companies. Current projects range from genomics and RNA diagnostics to SDOH and chronic disease population health studies. Decode’s work is predictive, proactive and extensible to the ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem.