The power to
decode health is now.

We provide the technology that’s making it happen.

Spend less time figuring out how
and more time understanding why.

Decode Health accelerates your access to custom-built AI, illuminating risk and improving care for less cost. Get predictive intelligence enriched with meaningful context like geography, disease, and social determinants of health data (SDOH).

Target, predict and track disease risk

Zoom out, zoom in. Decode AI illuminates health risk across large populations to individual patients. Stay a step ahead of emerging risk to focus care, target resources, improve outcomes, and control costs.

Never stop learning

Decode AI constantly evolves with new data and grows sharper with time to spot new realities in geographies, populations, and individual patients. Add real time, patient-provided text messaging data to the mix when disease and risk won’t wait.

Custom predictive analytics

What’s next, in context. Decode integrates social determinants of health into custom-built data modeling that yields insights with real world context. See hotspots before they happen, identify disease sooner, and optimize operations at every level of care.

Lower costs with Human ROI™

Enhancing the equity of healthcare. We call it Human ROI—putting decades of R&D in machine learning within reach of every aspect of healthcare. Whether measured by better outcomes, smarter operations, or the ability to predict disease risk, the time to decode health is now.

Accelerate insight at scale

The firehose is your friend.

Iterate custom models fast to spot trends early without building an internal data science team. Establishing expertise in data science and machine learning feels like drinking from many firehoses simultaneously. Decode Health has spent a decade refining the machine learning process for predicting and monitoring disease risk. You don’t need a massive team because we deliver insights specific to your needs.

How we work.

Define • Deploy • Reveal • Repeat

Decode’s extensible framework yields exponential value

  • Define: assess data, risk + opportunity
  • Deploy: AI modeling, evaluation, and optimization, including SDOH
  • Reveal: predictive insights, interpretation, risk stratification
  • Repeat: Iterate, refine, and grow ROI + value

Decoding COVID-19 in real time

We put our SDOH-enhanced models to work at national, state, county and community levels throughout the pandemic to spot populations that were most at risk and why.

Decoding chronic disease

For a 2-million life, multi-state health plan, Decode’s predictive models identified $12.4 million in additional savings compared to traditional risk assessments. Decode enables faster patient engagement with care teams to improve outcomes.

A model collaboration.

Decode Health and IQuity Labs team members have worked together for more than a decade on projects leveraging AI to deliver on the power of genomic data. Today we are working alongside Quest Diagnostics to produce the next generation of advanced RNA diagnostics.


RNA diagnostics and population health

Decode Health leverages a decade of R&D using AI to commercialize genomic blood tests and deliver advanced analytics for chronic diseases.

Today, Decode Health, and Quest Diagnostics are creating the next generation of RNA technologies across a wide variety of diseases and sample types. The continuous accumulation of information across these conditions will lead to new tools for clinicians to efficiently diagnose and monitor disease and serve as a rich data resource for drug discovery.

In the future, Decode will plan to support Quest’s evolving population health priorities to deliver on the collective goal of improving health equity.