Identify High-Risk Patients.
Inform Care Plans.
Improve Outcomes.

Decode Health offers a proven data analytics solution that can predict and monitor chronic disease early.

Decode’s health management analytics solution leverages a variety of healthcare data sources including proprietary social determinants of health data. Decode can apply this approach across a variety of chronic conditions including: multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, chronic kidney disease (CKD), COPD, diabetes, and others. Relying on our deep disease knowledge and expert data modeling techniques, the platform finds patients who are trending towards a diagnosis, are about to experience a high-cost adverse event, or are misdiagnosed and being treated with unnecessary, expensive drugs, often biologics.

Our patent-pending technology provides insights that enhance care managers’ ability to optimize the care pathway to reduce disease risk and improve overall outcomes for their patients.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Decode has applied its approach to predict increased rates of new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations. Decode delivers an early warning system to policymakers and health officials that enables proactive decision-making tied to faster economic recovery and enhanced COVID-19 risk mitigation including a second or third ‘wave’ of infection.

Decode’s analytics solution combines the investigative minds of immunologists with the analytical speed and efficiency of a supercomputer.

Let us come up with a personalized approach to help your organization realize the benefits of predicting and managing disease risk early to lower the cost curve and improve patient outcomes.

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Project Results

Decode delivers the power of early.

Whether you are a health plan, care management company or a technology partner to payers, the populations you manage have undetected, uncontrolled, or misdiagnosed chronic disease. Patients with poorly managed chronic diseases experience far greater complications resulting from COVID-19.

Early recognition and aggressive monitoring of both chronic disease and COVID-19 risk enables proactive care management of patients and better long term outcomes.


TN COVID-19 county case growth prediction


Advanced disease diagnosis prediction


MS + Crohn’s spend across 1,600 patients

Year One of
Decode’s Analytics
Could Save Millions.

That’s what you could save detecting and monitoring chronic disease.

Decode Health’s analytics solution now extends to COVID-19 risk prediction and monitoring nationally.

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