Detect the Disease.
Arrest the Progression.
Avoid the Risk.

In most insured populations, there are patients with undetected, uncontrolled or misdiagnosed autoimmune disease representing a guaranteed financial risk.

There are two things you need to know about autoimmune disease.

They are vortex diseases: incurable, corrosive and exhausting. They are decoy diseases: tricky, deceptive and hard to detect early – unless you are a dedicated immunologist with an algorithm built specifically to expose them.

Autoimmune Disease: The Invisible Epidemic

How Big Is
Your Number?

Left undetected, misdiagnosed, or uncontrolled, the extraordinary, irreversible, and avoidable damage to this population isn’t something that might happen. It is something that will happen, or is already happening now, and no one has a way to be proactive.

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