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As our communities, states, and regions grapple with risks presented by COVID-19, Decode Health applies its predictive modeling approaches to identify COVID-19 spread at a population level across national, state, and local geographies.

Pairing our predictive analytics with patient engagement solutions that offer two-way communications gives Decode Health the ability to predict emerging COVID-19 hotspots. Arming health officials and policymakers with this critical information – especially as they potentially experience delays in receiving testing results – is paramount in decision-making.

We use collected data, layer local and regional public health information, and proprietary and appropriate social determinants of health (SDOH) data, to predict increasing exposure risk for communities while highlighting specific locations and populations most at risk.

With our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, Decode Health can inform and support rapid response needs for increased testing and outreach.

COVID AI Predictive Accuracy > 93%

On DAY 1…
Decode Health predicted a list of Tennessee counties that should be monitored for increased COVID-19 risk over the next 2-3 weeks.

By DAY 7…
0 of 33
counties predicted by Decode Health experienced
Tier 1 growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases
Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Disease

Uncovering traits of the populations most at risk for COVID-19 infection informs rapid response mitigation efforts.

Using our machine learning capabilities, we examine public health data, testing results, participant-reported data, and overlay location-specific, proprietary social determinants of health data to pinpoint growth in positive cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths from COVID-19. Over time, those factors change in importance, underscoring the need for continuous monitoring.

Decode Health’s predictive models flag risk features for case growth and potentially poor outcomes.

“Bringing more than 2,300 students, faculty, and staff back to our campus in a safe manner during a pandemic is no easy task. Our goal was, and continues to be, to devise strategies for prioritized and ongoing testing. Collaborating with Decode Health helped provide a deeper level of visibility into the risk of COVID geographically, and helped us consider planning for the beginning of our fall semester.”

– David Shipps, Acting VP, Risk Management, The University of the South, Sewanee, TN.

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