Early Insights to Inform.

As our communities, states, and regions grapple with risks presented by COVID-19, Decode Health has turned its attention to predicting infection spread.

Arming health officials and policymakers with this critical information, especially as they may be experiencing delays in receiving testing results, is paramount in decision-making around safe reopening plans. By deploying Decode Health’s extensive data modeling expertise, we can deliver a comprehensive picture of the highest risk populations to facilitate containment, predict future hotspots, and understand potential increased demand for healthcare.

Decode Health’s analytics provide continuous feedback about an entire geographic region while highlighting specific locations and populations most at risk. This feedback loop allows us to predict decreasing risk, as well, informing plans to reopen businesses, schools, and other critical community resources.

On April 29, Decode Health predicted a list of counties that would experience increased COVID-19 risk over the next 2-3 weeks.
By May 7…
0 of 33
counties experienced Tier 1 growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases
counties experienced Tier 1 growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases

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How We Do It

Using our machine learning capabilities, we examine public health data, testing results, clinical data, and overlay location-specific, proprietary SDOH to pinpoint growth in positive cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths from COVID-19.

Example Descriptive Reporting Modules

Example Predictive Reporting Modules

Example Predictive Reporting Modules

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Whether a community, a municipality, a school system, university, or employer, we can help you understand and manage your risk of COVID-19 infection spread.
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