Detect the Disease.
Arrest the Progression.
Avoid the Risk.

Patients with undetected, uncontrolled, or misdiagnosed chronic diseases are at least twice as likely to experience costly adverse health events.

Early identification of at-risk populations, especially those with chronic conditions, can save millions of dollars. More importantly, it will save lives.

Our ability to identify and predict evolving risk patterns enables targeted education, intervention and testing, especially among those potentially headed for a catastrophic event.

Decode Delivers the Power of Early Detection

Patients with uncontrolled, misdiagnosed, and undetected disease cost billions.

In a recent project for chronic kidney disease (CKD), Decode:

  • Identified adverse events early (4+ months)
  • Flagged 87% of at-risk spend

These patients cost twice as much as their CKD disease peers ($403K PMPY) and up to 20x more than non-CKD.

Decode identifies the hidden risk in a population with >90% accuracy.

chronic disease risk graphic

What is
Your Risk?

With the added impact of COVID-19, those with chronic conditions that are left undetected, misdiagnosed, or uncontrolled, have even more risk for adverse, costly outcomes.

Identification of at-risk populations enables early, proactive, targeted interventions.

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